New Project

Garden in a Cup

As part of my last semester of graduate school for landscape architecture, I’m required to take a class called Professional Practice. While the class aims to teach students the business side of running a landscape architecture firm (I’ll refrain from snarkiness at this point), students have also been tasked to work in teams to craft a proposal that advances the field of landscape architecture in some form or fashion for a big chunk of our final grade. My team – including, Emily Josephs, Kristen Ruberg, and myself, brainstormed in rocket like fashion and came up with the idea of Garden in a Cup. We are collecting used to-go cups at school that are acquired from local caffeine establishments, planting them with various types of seeds (edibles + ornamentals), and once grown, we are going to gift them around town anonymously. We’ve set up a website and hope to inspire interaction with people who find and bring the gardens home or back to their places of employment.

The idea is partially inspired by found art projects – a sort of pay it forward using art – but in this case,  plants or mini gardens. In my recent past, I left a tiny objet d’art at my local park and it was fun, satisfying and left me wondering who found my porcelain snowflake. I’m pretty excited about this new incarnation and look forward to seeing how this idea can morph into something bigger – who knows?


  • Love this idea Cindy! I collected wasted cups from my old job and was planning to move the egg shell mini plants into the cups. HAppy to know a professional is planting in cups. Your a short timer in school.


  • oh yeh how cool!! love to see some clay pots out there even the tumbly old terracotta ones, pre loved coffee mugs and the like..i can see a video project in this one too sitting in the park watching where you piece ends up!!!

    • Great minds think alike, Ang – I’ve been thinking about how I can continue this project come mid May when I graduate – I’m almost thinking of either making a mini line or using 2nds to send mini gardens out into the world. It’s not quite hashed out yet though… :D

  • Sounds like a great project! Kinda reminds me of a similar one that was done for books at train stations where paperbacks were left lying around and a message on the inside of the book had a website where you could leave a review.