Finding One’s Way with Clay

Pinch Pots

Pinch Pots

Yesterday marked day 2 in my studio and it felt wonderful. I have no expectations and am allowing myself to play with the material as my muscle memory works to remember how to work with clay after a three year absence.

Actually, I do have some expectations – I’m making, what I hope, will be a few small pots for an October firing exploring ^6 gas reduction firing experiments at the Colorado Potters Guild that a few members have undertaken. These were inspired by a Ceramic Arts Daily post Traditional Cone 10 Glazes Make the Leap to Cone 6.

Why? Fuel, time and energy savings for the same aesthetic results. Though, I wonder if there might be a durability issue between ^6 and ^10 firings? Last Friday, I swung by the guild to take a look at some test pots that had undergone a ^6 reduction firing earlier this summer and they are promising – though some of the glazes didn’t quite make the cut. More to follow….