Shino mug by Tim Young

Shino glazed mug by Tim Young

This past weekend, I drove to Evergreen, Colorado with Penny Woolsey, a fellow Colorado Potters Guild member, to tour the Open Doors Studios where three other guild members live and were participating. We didn’t make it to all the artists on the tour – in fact we only made it to 6 out of 34 studios. We visited all of the potters/clay people and two women who make glass beads and jewelry. We just needed more time….

While I added 2 mugs to my collection (including the one above) and picked up a pair of lovely lampwork glass earrings by Kathy Plummer, I found something even more valuable – inspiration! I loved touring the artist’s studios and seeing their work in such a beautiful locale. All of the potters we visited work in completely different styles, firing modes, glazing/surface treatment – and each and everyone is dedicated to their journey and art.

I have so many ideas swimming through my head right now and feel creatively intoxicated! I need to sober up though and be methodical as I begin to explore some new clay ventures as they relate to my new found architectural education. In the meantime, I’m content to play.


  • ok. very cool and very cool place… cynthia… tell me all of the cool places to check out for future homes in the denver,boulder, mountain areas with some body of water and cool eclectic homes and people and creative/intelligent types and places to work and sell not too far from a major airport! You know your stuff… You know me by now… sort of…right?

    • I could live in Evergreen – they do have a “lake” if you can call it that – the real draw is the mountains though :D. Boulder is cool too…. Actually there are lots of really great towns/cities in Colorado.