12 x 12

Last week, I was perusing my Facebook newsfeed, and I came across a challenge put forth by Michael Kline to participate in 12 x 12. Basically, whoever participates creates 12 pots before noon (or midnight) and then sends him the photo by a set deadline (which luckily in my case, wasn’t so set) :D. At first, I kept scrolling down my feed, but then something about the post made me pause, and I back tracked, clicked to the link on his blog, looked at the rules, and thought, why not? It happens to be a terrific jumping off point for me right now because I’m just getting back to clay work after a lengthy 3 year hiatus and I am a bit overwhelmed at the sight of a fresh 25# bag of clay. I also recently agreed to participate in a vapor firing in April at the Colorado Potters Guild and need to make some pots, pronto – like yesterday.

The exercise challenged me to just dive in to that fresh clay and start making something, well, 12 of something. I did have an idea before I started, so that helped me have a plan of action. I measured out 12 balls of 1- 1.5 lbs of clay, wedged them and set to work. I had a blast and I no longer felt quite so intimidated by the virgin clay. Sometimes starting is the hardest part. In the meantime, I learned that the clay I chose isn’t the best choice for a vapor firing, so I’m going to save these for the regular gas kiln instead. Yesterday, I picked up some clay better suited for vapor firing and am going to get to work on another 12 pieces today after lunch. Plus, when I posted the photo of my 12 pots on Facebook, many people chimed in much like a critique (I so need a good hard critique right now) about what these forms suggest and how I might be able to explore this as a series.

So, thank you Michael for a big kick in the pants and head on over to his blog to check out the entries.

Meanwhile, I’m testing a new slideshow plugin (see above) – if you have any reaction good or bad, please let me know.


  • Hi Cynthia – saw your post. I also follow Michael’s blog but was getting ready for and doing an art fair last weekend so no studio time for me :( .
    Comment on your new slideshow plug-in. I like it but you might want to have it go a tad faster – if you can control that). I found myself wanting to see the next picture a bit faster. I know you can select them as well, but that was not immediately obvious to me.

    And if you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to know which plug-in it is.