Excited about an upcoming lecture in Denver at RedLine!

Before I Die New Orleans by Candy Chang

Before I Die New Orleans by Candy Chang

I discovered the work of Candy Chang during my last year in grad school thanks to my Garden in a Cup and three time studio partner in crime Emily Josephs. Candy Chang is an artist with a background in architecture, art and urban planning who is best known for her Before I Die, I Wish This Was, Confessions, and a ton of other projects that engage community and make people think. She is incredibly inspiring to me as both a designer and artist. In fact, Garden in a Cup was partly influenced by some of Candy’s projects.

Today, I just found out that Candy is coming to Denver on April 4th and will be speaking at RedLine, a “diverse urban laboratory where art, education and community converge.” I’ve never heard her speak in person, but I have watched her TED video and can’t wait to see her live. If you’re in town, and are interested, check it out. Plus, RedLine sounds like an incredibly awesome venue and community.

Speaking of Garden in a Cup, Emily and I are going to resurrect our project for National Landscape Architecture Month in both Denver and Boston, where she landed post graduation. I’ve always considered Garden in a Cup both a public art and gardening project. We’re currently brainstorming on how to make it grow and keep it alive. Pun intended.