Utility sink - Costco

Utility sink – Costco

My studio is currently located in my garage (fondly referred to as the garagio) which has its up & down sides. On the upside, it’s only steps from my backdoor, is separate from our living space, is convenient, is rent free and it’s mine! On the downside, the cars have been displaced, there is no running water or permanent heat source, is a work in progress, shares space with my husband’s tools and is fairly rustic by modern studio standards.

The trickier aspects for me are the running water and lack of heat. I currently use space heaters in the winter and a rubbermaid container for a “sink”. In some ways, the lack of a proper sink and running water force me to be conservative with water usage and is probably fairly environmentally friendly because no clay or glaze materials end up in the water supply from my abode. I’m considering installing a utility sink that could be hooked up to a garden hose  - and then putting a trap and bucket rig underneath to catch solids.

The Colorado Potters Guild does have sinks with running water, but there are some fairly strict guidelines from the EPA that we follow in regards to waste, along with periodic inspections from city officials to make sure we’re in compliance.

The other day, my husband and I were strolling through Costco and saw a sink (image above), and think that it might work in my garagio. But, what I’d really like is a complete studio overhaul. I’ve been using the same passed down furniture for years now – it’s basically a hodge-podge of shelves, tables, and cabinets which has its charms, but is not efficient or organized looking. In June, I’m hoping to revamp a bit – maybe check out Habitat for Humanity’s Restores, Ikea, and even the local home improvement stores for some new furniture. As to the heat situation, I would still love to build a solar heat collector, But, back to sinks….

Dick Howell's sink/water setup

Dick Howell’s sink/water setup

A fellow guild member, Dick Howell,  has a sweet setup in his studio which also happens to be a converted garage. He’s set up a gravity type system with utility sinks set into custom shelves/counter space. He told me that he only fills the 50 gallon barrel annually and if you notice from the photo, he also collects solids in a bucket beneath the sink. I like this a lot because, unlike the Costco sink, Dick has adapted his to be multi-functional. The only downside is the space that the water barrel takes up, though he has made the best of it.

I would love to hear from others what you use for sinks/water supply if you do not have running water in your studios. Or, if you’ve seen other studios that are using creative strategies to get around the issue.


  • hey C youre back at it ! woohoo! I have buckets and a rainwater tank that collects water from the roof of my studio, the waste water apart from glaze leftovers goes onto my lemon tree right next to the studio also …hope you get a really cool makeover soon.

  • Thanks Ang – I am back and feel really good! Good idea to harvest rainwater – here in CO, it’s illegal if you can believe that? Although, I don’t know if anyone would notice since my studio is in my backyard.