Salt firing

I spent the morning at the Colorado Potters Guild wadding pots and then loading the vapor kiln. But, first I should back up. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I’m primarily a ^6 oxidation girl – so the vapor kiln feels very new and mysterious. I love the way the work looks after firing and want to be a part of it. I felt like a sponge, taking it all in – and will definitely have to take notes in the next couple of days as we candle the kiln over night and then fire on Thursday starting at 6 am. (yay me on the latter bit – yawn)

Apparently (and it was rather apparent), the guild’s vapor kiln is on its last legs. It needs to be rebuilt and a committee will be meeting this evening to discuss options. I’m not on the committee because I don’t feel like I can speak to what the needs are due to my lack of experience, but I am curious as to what consensus will be reached after the meeting.

Back back to the firing – I feel like a fish out of water. I tried some new clay bodies and had no idea how to glaze my work for this venture. I am very familiar with the clay and glazes I normally employ – there are no surprises. Here, well, it could be wonderful or it could be dog poop. We’ll see when we unload. I suppose that’s part of the appeal of firing in this type of atmosphere. I made a vow to myself, however, that I will try it at least 2 more times before deciding whether or not it’s for me. A wise person once told me that it’s good to try something three times before deciding yay or nay. This approach has worked for me so far in life.

Meanwhile, Colorado is experiencing winter like conditions this week and last. We woke up to nearly 10 inches of snow this morning – hello mother nature, I don’t want to complain, but can we start pretending that it’s spring?


  • oooh ahh I still haven’t built my soda kiln, I just look at the pile of bricks and need a massive push of motivation to start! Looking at your vapour kiln its still standing and i’d use it til it fell down :P happy firing C