Potential New Studio

Studio space
Now that I’m working in my studio again, it has become painfully aware to me that I lack sufficient space to make some of the work that I’d really like to do and envision. It came to my attention about a month ago that a studio space is opening up this summer in the same building that a friend of mine works at and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that need to grab it when it is free.

It’s 400 square feet (20′ x 20′ with high ceilings) + a loft office area and storage room. The photograph doesn’t really do the space justice since the current tenant is in the process of moving and the place is a mess. The building is owned by a potter and houses other clay people and some painters. I could move my kiln to the studio (to the kiln room) and all my equipment and still have room to spare. There is also a gas kiln and other equipment such as a slab roller and extruder that I would have access to use. My husband is really encouraging me to nab the space when it becomes available – he’d really like to reclaim the garage.

The downside is it’s in Aurora, CO (albeit in the “art district”) and the address is exactly 10 miles from my home. But, the price can’t be beat! Only $300/mo – includes utilities and wifi. It’s climatized – cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What more could a girl ask for? On the one hand, it is a hike – almost 1 hour by bike or 30 min. by car in city traffic. On the other, I could be really focused and I think more productive (along with getting a bit of exercise if I bike there in nice weather). I’m all about multi-tasking after all.

I met with the owner a couple of weekends ago and fingers crossed, I will be able to move in July 1. I’ll let you know….


  • Nice! Making work in a small space can definitely be irritating…doable, but irritating. 400 plus square feet is a nice size. That is about the size of the studio space I will (hopefully) be building this summer. You should have plenty of room to move around and work comfortably. And with utilities and such included? That sounds like a good deal indeed!